Maximizing the tax savings on your residential property

As your property tax experts we are dedicated to saving you money with a thorough tax assessment. Your home is your refuge and often one of your most substantial investments. You deserve the peace of mind knowing you’re only paying your fair share of real estate taxes based on its true market value. That’s where we come in.


How your Michigan residential property tax is calculated

Your property tax burden will be determined by two factors; the taxable value and the city/township millage rate.

Taxable Value x Millage Rate = Annual Tax Burden  


How we save you money by reducing residential property taxes

First, we start by comparing market data to your most recent property assessment, to determine if the current value is accurate and supported by current market conditions. Then, we advocate for our residential clients by navigating the residential tax appeal system in order to achieve the maximum amount of tax savings. This process may even include possible tax reimbursement to compensate for over taxation of previous years.

Our experience in residential tax assessment speaks for itself.

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Providing property tax savings for over 30 years

Property Taxes can be daunting, especially when surrounding something as precious as your home base. We are 100% property tax focused and value the importance of only paying your fair share. Let our expertise safeguard your investment and save you money. Don’t overpay, contact us today for a free consultation.